Seohyun: “Living Together Is Hard, We Argue Like Husband-Wife”

SNSD’s Seo Hyun in the MBC drama final interview ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’ said that she is lonely. Her love for SNSD also continues.

Seohyun said, “Instead of fearing that I am lonely, I am more afraid of the responsibilities I carry. Tension and irritability appear side by side. I do not regret it.”

Image Source : SM Entertainment

Seohyun conveyed secret story about SNSD. Seohyun said, “If we have been living together for 15 years, without communicating we will still know about each other” and “It turns out I also like the difficult moments. It’s been about 5 years I live in the dorm. We know a lot about each other. This is a great opportunity for growth.”

Seohyun also added, “Maybe everyone will agree. It was the hardest time. At first I fought even about the little things. Like a husband and wife who quarrel. It seems that our way of life is different, and we know each other well. ” Then she explained,”After five years together, we know our respective parents. So I miss them. I’m tired of being together, but I’m getting more and more fond of being separated.”

On the other hand, Seohyun recently completed MBC drama ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’.

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