‘Because This Is My First Life’ Episode 14, Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min Terminated Their Contract

Is there such a painful contract like this? On the 21st of Monday-Tuesday drama tvN ‘Because This Is My First Life’ episode 14, Ji Ho (Jung So Min) wanted to terminate her contract with Se Hee (Lee Min Ki).

She decided to do so because of the appearance of Se Hee’s ex-girlfriend, Jung Min (Lee Chung Ah). Ji Ho and Se Hee have opened up their hearts and love each other, but then Jung Min showed up when the two try to get closer.

Image Source : tvN

Jung Min is the CEO of a drama production company. Ji Ho accepted an offer to work together and has a chance to grow. But there’s Se Hee between them. Even Ji Ho asked, “Is it if a husband meets again with the woman he once loved, will he love her again?” to Jung Min. “Actually we’ve met. When I drove you home. Your question made me feel strange”, Jung Min replied.

“Se Hee, come pick me up”, Ji Ho replied. The relationship between the two became awkward. For Se Hee, Jung Min is not only a woman who he loved in the past, but a very beloved woman to be married seriously. While still feeling the pain from Jung Min, Se hee met Ji Ho and Jung Min came back in front of them both, carrying old wounds. The awkwardness between Se Hee and Ji Ho began again.

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Se Hee who loves Ji Ho said, “I do not think there will be anyone else anymore.” Finally Se Hee and Jung Min confronted each other. Se Hee who got worried Ji Ho will tell Jung Min said, “Is it because I am Ji Ho’s husband that will affect her work?”

“Have you ever expressed your feelings to him? You also never told me. You have to reveal it”, Jung Min said. Because this is what Se Hee has been preparing to express his feelings to Ji Ho. However, Jung Min’s appearance has made Ji Ho sensitive, and Se Hee did not expect Ji Ho to say her farewell first, “I hope our contract can end now.”

Image Source : tvN

At first, Ji Ho and Se Hee decided to live together because one needed place to live and the other need someone to pay rent. But now the relationship is complicated. Ji Ho asked Se Hee to terminate the contract and end their relationship. Their love story begins to make the audience feel pain.