‘Mad Dog’ VS ‘Nothing to Lose’ VS ‘Prison Playbook’ Will Compete In Wednesday-Thursday Drama Competition

tvN ‘Prison Playbook’ and SBS ‘Nothing to Lose’ aired on the 22nd and will compete with KBS ‘Mad Dog’ drama. The characteristic of these three dramas is that each has a strong genre and it is not easy to judge who will be the strongest. Whether PD Shin Won Ho can make a hits drama or ‘Nothing to Lose’ will give you something unexpected.

Image Source : KBS

‘Prison Playbook’ is a black comedy drama depicting the life of baseball star Kim Jae Hyuk (Park Hae Soo) in jail for being accused of crimes and his prisoners. This is a new masterpiece from PD Shin Won Ho who also made the series ‘Reply’. ‘Prison Playbook’ starring veteran actor Park Hae Soo, Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Woong In, Choi Moo Sung, Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Kyu Hyung. Also Krystal’s young artist Im Hwa Young, Kang Seung Yoon, and Jung Hae In are also points of interest for this drama.

The makers and actors have explained the excitement in describing the life of the prison and its inmates in living the life that became the center of the story

Image Source : tvN

‘Nothing to Lose’ also premiered on the same day. Lee Jung Joo (Park Eun Bin) a prosecutor who reveals the secret of her brother and Sa Ui Hyun (Yeon Woo Jin) the elite judge who arrested her. Starring Park Eun Bin, Yeon Woo Jin, Dong Ha, Hae Ryung, and Lee Duk Hwa. Park Eun Bin acts as Lee Jung Joo judge in the Seoul state criminal court. Yeon Woo Jin’s appearance is expected to make the atmosphere to be neutral and interesting.

Image Source : SBS

‘Nothing to Lose’ will be different from the pre-existing court drama for telling realistic judges. Until now, the story of lawyers and prosecutors is quite a lot, but the story of this judge will give something different. MBC has postponed some works due to a strike after the last episode of ‘Hospital Ship’. With the end of the work strike, ‘I’M not A Robot’ will premiere on December 6th and be 2 weeks late than it should be. That way, ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Nothing to Lose’ will compete with the drama ‘Mad Dog’. There is a sense of curiosity whether the presence of ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Nothing to Lose’ will make something new on television.

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