Jung So Min’s Acting Talent in ‘Because This is My First Life’, Portraying Romance and Comedy

In the popular Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’, Jung So Min acts as Yoon Ji Ho, an assistant writer who makes a contract wedding. She conveys subtle emotions and exceptional acting skills to gain much praise. Together with her co-star, Lee Min Ki, she shows romantic scenes that sometimes make us laugh with her comedic acting.

Image Source : tvN

Jung So Min is very active as the main character in showing her feelings and beauty. It makes the drama feel sweet though without the development of a drastic romance. A point to watch in this drama is that there is a dazzling loveline. Every episode, the actor’s acting ability makes viewers thrilled.

Conflicts that arise in relationships that are interwoven with the characters are different. Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) gets married on a contract basis to find the person who will pay her rent. The first kiss made this comedy also make viewers surprised. In one scene that makes viewers shed tears is a girl who is late to realize her mother’s affection on the day of marriage.

Image Source : tvN

Jung So Min’s acting power and chemistry with her co-stars receive a lot of praises from the viewers. ‘Because This Is My First Life’ latest episode will air on the 28th on tvN.