After Being Involved in a Traffic Accident, Taeyeon Promotes Her New Songs on SNS

The netizens are questioning the action of Taeyeon who promotes her latest song soon after a traffic accident.

On November 30th, Taeyeon released a video without giving a caption on her personal Instagram account. This video appears to be a black-and-white teaser video that adds lyrical feel to a special Christmas album scheduled for release in December. In the video, Taeyeon is seen wearing knitwear and staring at the camera.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

Some netizens commented on Taeyeon’s latest promotional activities, “If this is the case, it makes sense to explain the current situation, the cause of the accident, or to apologize”, “SNS addict”, “You have pride or mental strength” “It seems that the teaser was not uploaded after the accident,” SNS is a waste of life”.

On the other hand, the netizen responded to Taeyeon’s incident, “Do not you think too strictly set the standards for entertainers?”, “This is not drunk while driving or hit and run”, “selfishness is done by netizens, Taeyeon should apologize and compensate to the victim”,”Apologize to the taxi driver what’s the problem?”.

According to police and witnesses in Gangnam, Seoul, Taeyeon was involved in an accident while driving her Mercedes Benz car on the first line of 3 = three lanes.

The next day, on November 29th, through her personal Istagram Taeyeon wrote, “Sorry for the worry. I apologize to the driver and some people who do not want my contact. I made a mistake. I will drive more carefully. Sorry for causing inconvenience,” she wrote.


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