Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday-Thursday dramas ‘Rude Miss Young Ae’, ‘Jugglers’, ‘I’m Not A Robot’, and ‘Black Knight’ Aired on the Same Week

There are rumors that say Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday-Thursday dramas of 3 tv companies are in a hurry. Since the end of the busy dramas discussed because of the stories and the actors who play them, the new drama is competing more and more fiercely. Starting from the beginning of December, Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday-Thursday’s dramas from each broadcast company consist of various works that begin this season, actors who have not played for a long time, increasing the audience’s expectations.

Image Source : tvN

On December 4 Monday-Tuesday drama tvN ‘Rude Miss Young Ae (Season 16)’ and KBS ‘Jugglers’ premiered. The TVN ‘Rude Miss Young Ae’ drama will replace ‘Because This Is My First Life’. This is one of tvN’s continuing drama series from the first season that aired in 2007.

Drama that focuses on the fact of life of workers in Korea. Season this time, ‘Miss Young Ae’ will tell Kim Hyun Sook and Lee Seung Joon’s unexpected marriage. ‘Rude Miss Young Ae season 16’ will air every Monday at 21:30 pm South Korean time.

Image Source : KBS

On the same day, Monday-Tuesday’s drama KBS 2TV ‘Jugglers’ also premiered. This drama will replace ‘Witch’s Court’ which tells of the romance between sekertaaris and his boss. Men who refuse to have relationships with women who live professional lives. Starring Choi Daniel, Baek Jin Hee, and Lee Won Geun, who have not appeared on the screen for a long time. ‘Jugglers’ airs every Monday Tuesday at 10pm South Korean time.

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On December 6 Wednesday-Thursday’s drama MBC’s new ‘I’m Not A Robot’ and KBS 2TV ‘Black Knight’ also premiered. ‘Black Knight’ will replace ‘Mad Dog’ which tells of a man who sacrificed for the sake of a beloved woman. Played by drama stars ‘Doctors’ Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung. ‘Black Knight’ airs every Wednesday-Thursday at 10 pm.

Image Source : MBC

The same day, Wednesday’s new drama MBC ‘I’m Not A Robot’ premiered. It tells the story of a man who is rich, handsome, and perfect but is allergic to humans and never dating, but then he likes a woman he thinks is a female robot. Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, and Uhm Ki Joon. ‘I’m Not A Robot’ was aired every Wednesday Thursday at 10 pm South Korean time.

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