Korean Male Idols Who Are Also Reliable Song Composers with the Most Royalties?

The idol group members are required to have the ability to sing, dance, and act. But who would have thought among the many Korean idols, there are some idols who have the ability to compose a song. The song that was made was not a song carelessly. It was a beautiful song that became a hit on the Korean and overseas charts. Therefore, the idols who are also a composer get royalties from the success of the songs they make. Here is a man idol who became a song composer with the most royalty.

1. G-Dragon

Image Source : ELLE

The first place is occupied by G-dragon. G-Dragon has been producing Big Bang’s album for a long time. In addition to success with the group Big Bang, G-Dragn also successfully become a solo singer. He has also participated in the 3rd Infinity Challenge Festival. G-Dragon has many songs that use him in copyright. So the royalty of every song he made always go into his personal pocket. So as to increase the coffers of his wealth through his ability in composing the song.

2. Zico Block B

Image Source : ALLETS

The second place is occupied by Zico Block B. Idol was born in 1992 is a young idol who has gained a lot of royalty from the songs he made. Zico has a great ability in memprosuksi a song. He always makes songs that fit the trend lately. That way, it becomes a big advantage when Zico makes a song. In addition to making a song for his group that is Block B, Zico also makes a rap song for his solo activities are always a hits.

3. Jinyoung B1A4

Image Source : NYLON

The third place is occupied by Jinyoung B1A4. Jinyoung is one of the idol composers who are rising lately. One of the hottest songs created by Jinyoung is the song sung by the group I.O.I. with the song himself successfully known to be a powerful composer and get a great royalty. In addition to often creating songs for other groups, he also always memprosuksi song for the group that is B1A4. The song he created always has beautiful tones and lyrics that hits the music charts.

4. Yong Jun Hyung Highlight

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Some say if Beast can not use his old name after leaving the agency. Hearing this, the fans feel sad because the group changed its name to Highlight. Yong Jun Hyun one of the members of Beast who now changed name to Highlight showed his ability in making songs. A lot of good songs he made and became hits so he got a lot of royalty. Some of the Beast songs he has ever made are ‘Ribbon’, Good Luck ‘,’ 12: 30 ‘, and others. Fans continue to hope that Yong Jun Hyung continues to create songs with beautiful lyrics.

5. Jonghyun SHINee

Image Source : ELLE

The fifth place is occupied by SHINee’s Jonghyun. One member of SM Entertainment’s group has the ability to compose songs. Jonghyun often makes songs for his own group SHINee. In addition to his own group, he also made songs for EXO and his solo activities. One of Jonghyun’s songs by other singers and hits is ‘Breathe’. The song is sung by singers from YG Entertainment. At first the fans did not know that this song is made by Jonghyun, but finally diketaj = hui that Jonghyun who has composed this good song.

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