“Halal Food (1)”: Enjoy Halal Food at Itaewon

Itaewon, often recognized as Seoul’s most exotic location, is known as the place where the most foreigners live and visit in Korea. Let’s find out what kind of halal food can be found in Itaewon, ‘An international hotspot of Seoul’.


SINBAD’S KITCHEN is a restaurant where you can taste the halal food of the Middle East. Its representative menu is ‘charcoal grilled lamb chops’.

The restaurant roasts soft lamb in charcoal, fusing it with various tastes and scents. If you take the subway line 6 and get off at exit 3 after Itaewon Station, you will find the restaurant in the Olive Young Building’s third floor.

EID is a Korean halal food restaurant at ‘Usadan ro’. The restaurant uses halal-approved ingredients to cook Korean food. The food itself is less salty than the usual Korean dish, and three side dishes are offered basically. You can mostly enjoy the natural taste of each vegetables and ingredients. Also, since the dishes do not contain any spicy or salty taste, despite the fact that they are Korean, the dishes capture the interest of people who favor non-salty taste.


is Korea’s first-ever Halal food restaurant. A Turkish chef is there as the main chef, treating all sorts of Turkish traditional Halal food. The restaurant is famous for lamb&eggplant dish, kebab, etc. It is located near Itaewon’s Seoul Central Masjid.


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