Rain: “The Presence of My First Daughter Is More Precious Than Myself and I Do not Want to Talk About Kim Tae Hee”

Rain singer said, “My first daughter is more precious than me.”

Rain held a press conference for his new mini album ‘My Life’ on (1/12) at 2 pm in Seoul Dragon City Sky Kingdom, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

When asked about his feelings he answered, “Actually, there are many thoughts to tell the family. I continue to feel worried whether it will be good and bad when telling the news,” he said.

Image Source : BAZAAR

Rain said, “Actually this is the first time I told the public about the feelings I feel. In my life,  my daughter is more precious than me, and I do not know why. Thank you very much. I think all this thanks to the fans who have made me a stable person so that it can be the best. Thank you very much. I want to raise my child who can help the world in the future,” he explained.

He continued, “Today, I will not talk about family. Because I thought, it would not be good for my wife (Kim Tae Hee) and my daughter,” he added.

Rain’s wife Kim Tae Hee gave birth to their first daughter at the end of last October.