Park Hae Jin to Visit His Hometown in Year End and Hold Fan Meeting in Busan

Actor Park Hae Jin will visit his hometown. Later this year Park Hae Jin will spend his precious time with the fans in Busan. According to Mountain Movement, Park Hae Hin will hold a fan meeting with about 2000 fans at Busan Port Convention Center, Busan on the 30th.

Image Source : Mountain Movement

The unique fans love towards Park Hae Jin is quite famous. We can communicate through various segment in the fan meeting or other events, in addition Park Hae Jin likes to do volunteer activities with fans. It has become a hot topic among fans in Korea. Park Hae Jin wants to spend time with fans even though the shooting schedule of ‘Four Men’ which started in December was pretty solid.

Last October, Park Hae Jin also held a global fan club opening, not only in Korea but also in China, Japan, Malaysia, Hongkong, Iran, Australia, Spain and Russia and got good response from fans. The fan meeting in Busan this time will also be a great opportunity for fans who cannot attend the opening ceremony. The agency revealed, “We hope this will be a valuable time to meet fans in Busan, his hometown, this year.”

Image Source : Mountain Movement

Since December Park Hae Jin has started filming the drama ‘Four Men’. This is a fantasy, romantic, and mystery drama that tells of a man who aims to survive and other men who seek answers from loved ones. He will play 4 characters at a time.

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