Behind The Scene Photos of Wanna One’s ‘Comeback Show’ Have Been Released

The behind-the-scenes photos of ‘Wanna One’ Comeback Show were released and turned into talks. On the 4th through official Instagram, Wanna One released a photo behind the comeback show and wrote down the caption, “Wanna One x Wannable, one of ‘Beautiful Wanna One’s Comeback Show’ scenes.”

Image Source : YMC Entertainment

Before the comeback show, Wanna One was seen performing stage rehearsals and script reading for a cool show.

Their aura looks different from a serious look at the performance of the members when monitoring the rehearsal.

Image Source : YMC Entertainment

Feelings of tension and excitement when they performed new song performances were caught on camera. They wore a suit while perfoming the songs ‘Nothing Without You’, ‘I Want Have’, and ‘Energetic’. And a photo with the title song ‘Beautiful’ was released. When displaying sexiness with the sword, they smile brightly and cutely and attract attention.

Image Source : YMC Entertainment

On December 1 and 2, Wanna One won Best New Male Artist in ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017’ and won 3 trophies in ‘Melon Music Awards 2017’.

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