Park Hyung Sik: “‘Real Men’ -> ‘Do Bong Soon’ -> ‘Suits’ My Second Prime”

Park Hyung Sik has expressed his growing happiness as an actor. On the 2nd, GQ released a photo shoot on their official Instagram and wrote down the caption, “Cuts of zekyu actor Park Hyung Sik for the December issue.” In his interview, Park Hyung Sik conveyed, “In the protests there are arrows, even now I’m still developing . I still do not know the exact target but I have to pick it up and grow more.”

Image Source : GQ

“After ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ many things I believe. It could be said second prime time. If the variety show program ‘Real Men’ is the beginning of Park Hyung Sik, this time the work seemed to show the opportunity to be seen as an actor “said Park Hyung Sik.

The next work ‘Suits’, he will compete acting with top star Jang Dong Gun. ‘Suits’ is a popular American series that aired on USA Network and for the first time remake by Korea. In ‘Suits’ Park Hyung Sik acts as Go Yeon Woo’s lawyer who will feature sweet bromance and romance. Patrick Adams, a Hollywood actor who starred in ‘Suits’ refers to Park Hyung Sik on his personal SNS and gives fashion tips.

Image Source : GQ

Park Hyung Sik said, “I think so far has done my best, but the following works ‘Suits’ make me a little nervous. Until this time I did not know and did it according to my wish. But the last few days I have suspected myself and asked me ‘What’s been well prepared? What can give you the best? ‘If feeling anxious, it would be a pressure to work well. Maybe it’s because I’m carrying loads in this work. ”

“I’m not a struggling person. I’m cooler, louder, and more honest than seen. I can hang out with other people but in fact sometimes I’m having trouble. I also do not like shopping and using money. But recently I liked the gaming computer. As a kid I enjoyed comics like ‘Boat Bond’. And want to be a vampire someday “revealed Park Hyung Sik, explaining himself that has not been known to others.


Image Source : GQ

Park Hyung Sik debuted as idol group ZE: A, and became Actor Idol through ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, ‘High Society’, ‘What Happen with Family’, ‘The Heirs’ and ‘Hwarang’. He has steadily become an actor who represents men in their 20s.

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