Super Junior and MAMAMOO’s Solar Collaboration Song to be Released on the 8 in SM STATION

Hee Chul, Shindong, and Eun Hyuk meet with MAMAMOO’s Solar.

Hee Chul, Shindong, Eun Hyuk, and Solar MAMAMOO who fill the 36th track in SM Entertainment’s digital music chanel season 2, released their collaboration song ‘Charm of Life’ on the 8th.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

‘Charm of Life’ is a dance song that has a flavor of opium. The name ‘Charm of Life’ is a song that shows their happy life as an idol for 13 years.

In this song’s MV, Hee Chul, Shindong, and Eun Hyuk transformed each into rapper, killagram, and naholla family. Characterized by rapper who creates harmony and cool tones from Solar.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

Moreover, Super Junior is considered a big group in the Korean music industry, so it is increasingly drawing attention to the synergy effect resulting from a special collaboration with Solaar from MAMAMOO.

‘STATION’ season 2 is shows a variety of artists, producers, and composers’s works every week.

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