Kim Rae Won ‘Black Knight’ vs Yoo Seung Ho ‘I’m Not a Robot’ Start Airing On the 6th

On December 6th at 10 pm, KBS 2TV drama ‘Black Knight’ and MBC ‘I’m Not a Robot’ aired simultaneously. Both of these dramas are romantic comedy dramas in contrast to the genre that SBS drama ‘Judge vs. Judge ‘and tvN’ Prison Playbook ‘. The drama ‘Black Knight’ has a romantic fantasy charm, while the drama ‘I’m Not a Robot’ has a ‘robotic’ charm.

Image Source : KBS

‘Black Knight’ which tells of a man who violated takdri and did dangerous things for the woman he loved for 200 years. The filming location is in Slovenia so as to create a unique visual beauty. In addition, the visuals of the main actors are also amazing. kimRae Win has a handsome facial appearance, Shin Se Kyung always show off her beautiful beauty every day, and Seo Ji Hye is loved for her modern beauty.

Kemistri from when the actor is highly anticipated. Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung reunited acting after 13 years ago starred in the drama ‘My Little Bride’, while Kim Rae Won again collided acting with Seo Ji Hye after two years ago playing in drama ‘Puch’.

Set in 200 years ago, all three show historical scenery. Viewers show plenty of hope to see if ‘Black Knight’ will be portrayed well through the background and acting of the actors.

Image Source : MBC

‘I’m Not a Robot’ is a drama that tells of a man who has never had a love with a woman because of allergies with humans, but he fell in love with a woman who is a robot. Yoo Seung Ho plays Kim Min Kyu a man who is allergic to humans, and Chae Soo Bin plays Jo Ji A, a woman who is a robot. Uhm Ki Joon plays a role as Hong Baek Gyun, a robot engineer.

The drama ‘I’m Not a Robot’ is Yoo Seung Ho’s first romantic comedy drama. She has acted as a child actor and is now an adult actor who concentrates on historical genres and dramas rather than romantic dramas. Himself is a wannabe in a romantic comedy drama that competes acting with Robot for the first time. Viewers wonder whether Kim Rae Won can show adult charm and Yoo Seung Ho can show his charming charm in their respective dramas.

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