‘Carefree Travelers’ Rain Talked About His Modest Wedding Ceremony with Kim Tae Hee

Carefree Travelers’ Rain revealed his modest wedding story with his wife Kim Tae Hee.

On December 5th, in the JTBC ‘Around The World Travel Package- Carefree Travelers’, the second story of three people including Rain and Kim Yong Man who enjoyed a tour package in Taiwan was revealed.

On the first day of the trip, the members and Rain were seen talking to each other at the inn while sipping a can of beer.

Image Source : JTBC

At the same time, Rain discussed his new song ‘Again’ to the members.

Rain talked about the song, “I’m married and have a daughter. This song is a sad ballad song, and the producer said ‘I cannot listen to anything sad and beautiful’. Because I feel happy, I do not feel sad when singing a sad song,” he said. If Rain makes a song, he will tell Kim Tae Hee for the first time, “I want my wife to be the first to listen to my song,” showing his affection.

Rain remembered his wedding ceremony with Kim Tae Hee.

After dating for 5 years, Rain and Kim Tae Hee are married. The couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee get a lot of attention for holding a simple wedding ceremony.

Image Source : JTBC

Kim Yong Man asked Rain, “Do you two want to have a modest wedding ?,” then Rain, “My wife thinks not to make a big event in church. So I just wore a tuxedo and we did not do wedding photos. I do not use the services of the photographer during the wedding day. The guests are photographers, and after that they collect all the photos and make a wedding video,” he replied.

But Rain added, “Actually, I feel a little sorry about the wedding ceremony. I want to give the best for my wife that day. I even have a savings account for weddings. The total cost of the wedding is about 2 million won,” he admitted to the members.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee look similar, but actually both have many differences.

Rain, “My wife loves her mother’s cooking, it took her long time to adjust the tongue with the food outside. My wife also cannot drink a cup of coffee. So I told her how to taste the latte. Now she has been able to drink coffee because of me,” he said.