SHINee’s Taemin: “I Bought A House and Car for My Parents and Want to Live Independently Next Year”

SHINee’s Taemin revealed he bought a house, car and money for his parents. On December 7th on SBS Love FM’s ‘Song Eun Lee, Kim Sook’s Sisters Radio’ program, Ahn Young Mi and Taemin comeback with a repackage album titled ‘Day and Night’ and presented as guest stars.

Image Source : SBS

When talking about Hyoja, Taemin said “It seems I have not helped my parents much. Instead, I provide living expenses and make money.

I bought them a house and car. ”

Image Source : SBS

Song Eun and Kim Sook said, “That’s what it means. We also want to have a child like Taemin” making him embarrassed and laughing. Then Taemin got asked whether he chooses to live independently or make money, “I want to raise money when I am independent. I’m doing it right now. K is very independent and his house is beautiful. I envy him and want to live independently,” he replied.

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