‘Black Knight’ Kim Rae Won’s Loving Stares Toward Shin Se Kyung

In KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Black Knight’ Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung spend time together in a house.

On December 13th, ‘Black Knight’ released photos for episode 3 where Kim Rae Won (Moon Soo Ho) and Shin Se Kyung (Jung Hae Ra) drink wine together.

Image Source : KBS


In episode 2, Soo Ho bought the old house for Hae Ra and the two guests together at Soo Ho’s guest house. Soo Ho spoke to Hae Ra, “Do you want to stay with me from today ?” This episode ended with a smile radiating across the face that thrills the heart of the audience.

In the teaser photos, Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung are seen drinking the wine together in a sweet atmosphere. Kim Rae Won wore a purple sweater and exuded a casual charm with casual style, while Shin Se Kyung wore a loose white shirt that showed a casual style while drinking wine.

Image Source : KBS

Viewers are shocked to see Soo Ho at the guest house with Hae Ra raising hopes for the progress of their romance inside the house. Aside from that, Kim Rae Won creates a romantic mood with loving eye-gaze to her facial expression, and the viewers are attracted by the character that Shin Se Kyung presents naturally. Both also showed excellent chemistry and generated the love from the viewers.

The representative of the drama said, “The scene that will be present in episode 3 is Soo Ho and Hae Ra live in one house and they enjoy drinking wine together. Both are getting closer in a relaxed atmosphere. Look forward to the romantic story between Soo Ho and Hae Ra,” he said.

‘Black Knight’ is a drama that tells of a man who fights dangerous destiny for the woman he loves and episode 3 will be aired on (13/12) at 10 pm.

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