6 Korean Actresses Who Cut Their Hair Short

The actress changed her hairstyle to be short. There are various charms from the appearance of short hair, whether it looks boyish, younger, or show a simple sense of fashion.

  1. Go Joon Hee
Image Source : 1st LOOK

Go Joon Hee, the first star to have short haircut. She cut her long hair and became extraordinary. She created Joon Hee Fever. Recently, she also appeared short-haired

  1. Lovely Park Bo Young
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After Park Bo Young changed with short hair, her beauty just increased. By the drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ she cut her hair. Fans love the cute little hair style with her small body.

    1. Han Ye Seul
Image Source : MBC

The terms associated with Han Ye Seul’s name search are; ‘Han Ye Seul Short Hair’ and ‘Beautiful Short Hair Style’. She transformed with short hair and became sexier.

  1. Hyeri
Image Source : 1st LOOK

Short hair becomes a hair style that matches Hyeri. After her hair becomes short, Hyeri begins to get attention. Many fans love her short hairstyle.

  1. Park Soo Jin
Image Source : High Cut

Many women head to the salon. They asked for a short cut just like Park Soo Jin. After Park Soo Jin cut her hair, she becomes more beautiful and her style is hugely loved by women.

  1. IU
Image Source : LOEN Entertainment

Last winter, IU suddenly had short hair. Many fans are asking she cut her hair short.