‘Jugglers’ Episode 6, Choi Daniel Changes from A Boss to A Real Man In front of Baek Jin Hee

In episode 6 of KBS ‘Jugglers’ drama on (19/12), Nam Chi Won (Choi Daniel) changed and helped Jwa Yoon Yi (Baek Jin Hee) who was in trouble.

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Chi Won apologized to Yoon Yi for throwing a candle filled cookie. Yoon-yi said that if she does not like herself and asks for a move, then Chi Won grabbed her hand and said, “Stay with me. Like now,” Yoon Yi was touched to hear the sentence. Chi Won also recounted his schedule to Yoon Yi and she can not hide her joy.

Yoon Yi’s first love, Woo Chang Soo came to see her and asked to start the relationship from scratch again, while Yoon Yi had a one-sided love. In the karaoke room, when the office show, Chang Soo grabbed Yoon Yi’s hand and begged her to re-start their relationship. At that moment, Chi Won showed up and Chang Soo confided in Chi Won whether he likes Yoon Yi. Then Chi Won answered, “No” and Yoon Yi’s face looked disappointed.

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Chang Soo said that he likes Yoon Yi and told her not to interfere in his second job. However, Chi Won asked Yoon Yi whether she likes Chang Soo and Yoon-yi replied that she does not like him. Chi Won, “What you are doing is a violent one,” he said. Chang Soo let go of Yoon Yi’s hand. He continued, “Having a very bad habit of violence,” Chang Soo finally let go. Yoon Yo was touched when Chin Won helped her.

Chi Won’s work as a black knight continues. Yoon Yi was confronted by her superior Bong Sang Moo who has previously met in the lift with Chi Won. Bong Sang Moo and Yoon Yi meet each other on the roof. Yoon Yi apologized to Bong Sang Moo and said that she does not post an affair on the bulletin board to get rid of herself who knows best about corruption. However, Bong Sang Moo set his own trap for not caring about him as a man. In the end, Yoon Yi shed tears of sadness.

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Chi Won who heard the conversation both released his fist to Bong Sang Moo. Though he did not attack him immediately, he warned him to punish him and reveal his deep love to Yoon Yi.

Chi Won plays the role of a black knight for Yoon Yi and approaches Yoon Yi as a man instead of a boss. The development of what kind of story that will be faced by this couple in the future is worth waiting for.

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