‘Two Cops’ Episodes 15 and 16, Cho Jung Seok VS Kim Sun Ho, The Battle for Getting Hyeri’s Heart

In MBC drama ‘Two Cops’ episode 15 and 16 which aired on December 19th, Cha Dong Tak (Cho Jung Seok) and Gong Soo Chang (Kim Sun Ho) have a fierce battle over Song Jin An (Hyeri).

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In this episode, after kissing Song Jin An inside the car, Cha Dong Tak, “It seems my heart will explode,” he said with a hiccup. Afterwards, Cha Dong Tak proposes to Gong Soo Chang that he really hates.

The spirit in Cha Dong Tak asks Min A’s soul to tell him honestly that his oacon, Kyeong Cheol is the culprit, but Min A does not want to tell the truth. Min A lies down and tries to hear the voices of those who support him, soon after that Min A is conscious. He was released from the police station, but police immediately arrested him again for attempted suicide. Min A knows the real facts of TV.

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The spirit that is in Cha Dong Did not enjoy dating with Song Jin An in a fancy restaurant. When Song Jin An keeps telling you about Cha Dong Taek, the spirit inside Cha Dong Tak said, “Now you’re just by my side. Do not look at the boy, “pointed out his jealousy.

Then the two attended a meal in the police station. Song Jin An drinks so quickly that he is drunk, and the spirit that is in Cha Dong Tak leads Song Jin An home. Song Jin An hopes to be leaning on Cha Dong Tak’s shoulder, “The smell of Cha’s detective is just like my father,” she said. The spirit in Cha Dong Tak said, “I’m not Cha Dong Tak. I’m Gong Soo Chang, “he said. Drunk Hyeri kisses the spirit that is in Cha Dong Tak.

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At that moment, the spirit that is in Cha Dong Tak feel pain and apart from the body of Cha Dong Tak. Then he saw Cha Dong Tak along with Song Jin An in front of his eyes, “I told you not to approach this woman,” she said angrily.

Cha Dong Tak feels Song Jin An’s genuine feelings that make her relationship with Gong Soo Chang who from the beginning liked Song Jin An is complicated.


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