Best Couple from 3 TV Stations for Drama Awards

Each TV station held an award at the end of the year. Best Newcomer and Best Couple Awards have the most intense competition. Especially this year a lot of good romantic and chemistry drama popping up. Every TV station has an outstanding candidate.

 KBS  : First there is Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won from ‘Fight For My Way’. Having 20 years of friendship as a friend, the romance of the two people developed into love. Such romance is desirable in real life.

Son Ho Joon and Jang Na Ra in ‘Go Back Couple’ were not to be missed. They describe the story of a married couple and get a lot of sympathy. Park Shi Ho and Shin Hye Sun ‘My Golden Life’ are also fantastic couples who get a 40% rating.

Image Source : SBS

Lastly there is Nam Gung Min and Junho in ‘Chief Kim’. They have been nominated as bromance pairs. Chemistry competition in this hits drama is also a highlight in the category Best Couple Awards.

 SBS : SBS has a tough competition between Lee Jong Suk – Suzy ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and Seo Hyun Jin – Yang Se Jong ‘Temperature of Love’. Lee Jong Suk and Suzy are couples who can see the future through dreams, both are portrayed as having visuals like comics. Chemistry is extraordinary when both compete acting. Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong also show a young couple.

Image Source : SBS

In addition, Ji Chang Wook – Nam Ji Hyun in ‘Suspicious Partner’ also received great support. If they win, Nam Ji Hyun will accept the award alone because Ji Chang Wook is undergoing military service.

 MBC : MBC has Yoo Seung Ho – Kim So Hyun who previously competed acting in ‘Ruler’ as the Best Couple Awards candidate. National Brother and Sister are in one work. Much support for the couple becomes real.

Image Source : MBC

Ji Hyun Woo and Seo Hyun from the weekend drama ‘Bad Thief Good Thief’ also participated in the nomination. Both men showed a difficult chemistry seen in any drama. “If I win, it will be a 12 year award after ‘Old Miss Diary'” revealed Ji Hyun Woo in an interview.

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