From BTS to Blackpink… Korean Idols wearing Hanbok for New Year’s Greeting

Korean’s biggest Holiday is none other than Lunar New Year’s holiday started last Tuesday and Korean idols were seen wearing Hanbok while delivering their new year’s greeting.

image source: Bighit Entertainment

First, the group BTS wore Hanbok and delivered their Lunar new year’s greeting to their fans. The group’s leader, RM said “I wish everyone will stay healthy and full with happiness! I also wish we can hold out tour in stadium this year. Thank you for all of your support these past few years.” And then one of BTS’s member, J-Hope also said that he always feel grateful towards his fans for all of their supports and he wants their fans to patiently looking forward to the new mix-tapes that they’re currently preparing. They also planning to take a rest in this Lunar new year’s holiday.

image source: Black Pink House

Blackpink is also seen wearing Hanbok while celebrating the Lunar new year through their Naver V Live ‘Blackpink House’. They looked stunning wearing Korean’s traditional clothes and Lisa even said “Hanbok is so pretty. It’s also comfortable to wear” and then the rest of Black Pink’s member said, “We wish you will stay healthy and happy!” while bowing to their fans.

image source: Fantagio Entertainment, Plan A Entertainment

Fantagio Music’s artist such as Hello Venus, Astro, Weki Meki also celebrate this Lunar New years. Astro greeted their fans with “This year (2018) we weill work hard to give what best for all of you. We wish you eat many delicious food and spend a quality time with your family this new year”. Weki Meki also said, “Happy Lunar New year! Drive safely and please eat a lot of delicious food”

image source: Fantagio Entertainment, Plan A Entertainment

Plan A Entertainment also expressed their new year greeting while wearing Hanbok. Huh Gak, Victon, Apink also delivered their Lunar New Year greeting with “This year (2018) will be a great year” written on a cardboard.