“The opening of Lunar Special Son’s Restaurant”.. Lee Seung Gi, a new year’s greeting from Son O Gong

Actor and singer Lee Seung Gi sent his special new year’s greeting.

Lee Seung Gi recently posted a video in his Instagram with caption, “Son’s Restaurant Lunar new year’s special edition (Feat. My Aunt). In the video, Lee Seung Gi was busy making a rice cake soup (Ddeokguk).

image source: Lee Seung Gi Instagram

Lee Seung Gi diligently boiled the rice cake soup and then said, “to Son O Gong’s team who has worked hard even during the lunar new year’s holiday, I wish you happy and stay healthy together with Son O Gong” and then Lee Seung Gi successfully made his fans happy with his delicious looking rice cake soup. Lee Seung Gi also spent his lunar new year’s holiday with his loved ones and his family.

image source: Lee Seung Gi Instagram

Lee Seung Gi is currently playing a role or Son O Gong in tvN drama called ‘A Korean Odyssey’. He also appeared in SBS entertainment program entitled ‘All the butlers’ and his movie that he finished filming before he went to military ‘Marital Harmony’ that is set to be released on 28 February 2018.

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