Lee Joon Gi x Seo Ye Ji, starred tvN’s drama ‘Lawless Lawyer’… set to air on May

tvN has confirmed their newest drama entitled ‘Lawless Lawyer’.

This drama told a story about how lawyers living in a harsh world of truth and justice and how the law and how the law sometimes are useless to find justice in courts.

image source: HSBCGOLF

In ‘Lawless Lawyer’ Lee Joon Gi played a role of Bong Sang Pil. Bong Sang Pil is a bold and brave lawyer that would do anything to fight against the crime and for justice. When he was a child his mother was murdered and didn’t get any justice for his mother. He wanted to pay revenge for his mother so he became a lawyer.

Lee Joon Gi has gained a lot of attention because it’s his first time reuniting with PD Kim Jin Min after 11 years through ‘Lawless Lawyer’. The two of them worked once on MBC’s drama ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’ 11 years ago.

image source: InStyle

Seo Ye Ji will play a role of Ha Jae Yi, a tough lawyer that will do anything as she wants. Ha Jae Yi has a tough personality and full of self-confident since she was a kid. She will be the chief executive of Bong Sang Pil in some Lawfirm. But as she met Bong Sang Pil and get to know him, her belief on law and her personality would slowly shakes with a little touch of romance.

Meanwhile ‘Lawless Lawyer’ is set to air on May this year after drama ‘Live’.

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