Short Haircut Trends, from Go Joon Hee, Yoona, Sulli, Until Red Velvet’s Yeri in ‘Peek a Boo’

Actress Go Joon Hee, Yoona Girl’s Generation, Sulli ex f (x), and Yeri Red Velvet introduce an attractive short hairstyle.

Actress Go Joon Hee is a representative figure who managed to change her hairstyle to be short. Go Joon Hee became one of the famous female stars after showing off her short hair.

Image Source : VOGUE

Since Go Joon Hee changed her hairstyle, she seemed more luxurious. In addition, Go Joon Hee who fits the short hairstyle tried a new hairstyle that could show her new image. Actually, Go Joon Hee shows a fresh appeal in every magazine and advertising shoot.

Yoona Girls’ Generation has just flaunted her short hair. Yoona Girls’ Generation always maintains long straight hairstyle that shows a plain charm, but recently she was intrigued to change her hairstyle and her hair short.

Image Source : ELLE

If the previous hairstyle makes the calm and feminine side of Yoona stand out, while the short hairstyle shows the loving appeal of young beautiful girl.

Recently, the youngest member of the idol group Red Velvet, Yeri changed her hairstyle to be short. Meanwhile, she cut her long hair and changed the hair color so it looks more fresh. Yeri flaunts her hairstyle through the promotional activities of the song ‘Peek a Boo’.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

The shocking transformation of Yeri is not only attracting the attention of fans, but also the public. Because Yeri changed her hairstyle to be short, thus showing her a more captivating figure than ever before.

Sulli ex-f (x) has also just changed her hairstyle to be short. The shocking transformation of Sulli who changed her hairstyle from Long straight to short haircut attracted a lot of fans attention.

Image Source : Instagram

With her short hairstyle, Sulli adds a natural and firm feeling. With this hairstyle, Sulli is able to possess more mature charm than ever before.