“Preparation for examination”… Jung Yoo Mi x Lee Kwang Soo, ‘Live’ Still-cut

Actress Jung Yoo Mi and Lee Kwang Soo showed their determination in a still cut that tvN ‘Live’ drama released on 8th of March.

Jung Yoo Mi has turned into an examination preparation student. She looked so into her role as Han Jung Oh studying so hard for the preparation test to enter police academy. She is also looking focus and serious on her study.

image source: tvN

Lee Kwang Soo who took a role of Yeom Sang Soo is spotted sitting on his study room. He seemed unable to take his eyes off from his book and ready to overcome everything for the examination to show his determination.

Production team of ‘Live’ stated that “Jung Yoo Mi and Lee Kwang Soo is living a hard life”

image source: tvN

‘Live’ on the other hand is a drama about police’s reality in the police center station. The script is written by Roh Hee Kyung that has been known for his works like ‘Worlds Within’, ‘Dear My Friends’, and ‘It’s Ok It’s love’ and it is set to air on 10th of March.