Song Ji hyo ♥ Chun Jung Myung, Main lead in ‘Roco King’… “Perfect combination”

Song Ji Hyo and Chun Jung Myung will be in a very refreshing love story, that is why OCN’S newest drama ‘Roco King’ successfully gained a lot of attentions from the viewers.

This drama is adapted from the famous Japanese comic ‘Absolute boyfriend’ that told a story about the top Ma Wang Joon and the make-up artist Dada who has trauma from the previous relationship. This is a fantasy comedy themed drama that showed about the tug of war in love.


Song Ji Hyo has confirmed her role as Dada. Dada is very professional yet she is an amateur in everything involved love.

The famous star Ma Wang Joon that is head over heels towards her will be played by Chun Jung Myung. This is his first comeback on tv after he finished his last drama and that is none other than KBS ‘The Master of Revenge’ and now his fans are eager to see him starring in ‘Roco King’.

image source: bnt

The expectation of viewers rise as the actors are incredibly trusted to make the suspense and the thrill of Dada’s love story came to life and how she will have the changes of emotions towards Ma Wang Joon that will be her romantic interest.

‘Roco King’ is a drama directed by Jung Jeong Hwa, the PD of tvN’s ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ and the writer from JTBC ‘Mirror of the witch’. With the combination of Song Ji Hyo and Chung Jung Myung made the viewers couldn’t wait for their fantasy-filled love story in ‘Roco King’ that is set to air the second half of this year.

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