Park Bo Gum x Kim Se Jeong, the meeting of spring and the flower… Heatwarming even just by a glance of them

Park Bo Gum and Kim Se Jeong recently became the model of Coca Cola spring 2018 Campaigne. Park Bo Gum and Kim Se Jung were seen showing their happiness by welcoming the spring along with the pictorial.

image Source: Coca Cola

Park Bo Gum has become the model of Coca Cola Campaigne since 2017 and he never failed to creat the bright and cheerful atmosphere. His flower-like smile also gave a sense of blooming flower in the beginning of spring.

Kim Se Jeong was wearing short pant with blue T-shirt that gave off a sense of freshness, lively and the power of the youth. Kim Se Jeong also revealed her desire to work with Park Bo Gum in some entertainment show while showing off her lively character.

image Source: Coca Cola

The official of Coca Cola said that, “we hope that Park Bo Gum and Kim Se Jeong’s charms could create a perfect synergy that gives off the warmth of spring that finally came after the long winter”.