‘Laughter in Waikiki’ Lee Yi Kyung x Go Won Hee, the possibilities of two becoming a couple [EP11]

The scent of romance is getting thicker in the drama ‘Laughter in Waikiki’. Kim Jeong Hyun who is getting rejected after 5 seconds admitting his feelings to Jung In Sun and also Go Won Hee Who suddenly confessed her feelings towards Lee Yi Kyung. Son Seung Won and Lee Joo Woo is currently helping each other healing their wounds.

image source: JTBC

In the 11th episode of JTBC’s drama ‘Laughter in Waikiki’ that aired last night showed Jung In Sun (Han Yoon Ah) who rejected Kim Jeong Hyun (Kang Dong Gu) confession. In 5 seconds, Yoon Ah didn’t say anything and just rejected Kim Jeong Hyun who had just confessed. The reason is because she doesn’t want to get hurt by someone she truted the most. Jung In Sun rejected Kim Jeong Hyun in a very proper reason.

Meanwhile Go Won Hee is getting more interested in Lee Yi Kyung. The brother of Lee Joo Woo who is an athelete of UFC (Soo Bong) showed up. Back then, Soo Bong’s girlfiend was snatched by Lee Yi Kyung and up until now he is still want to revenge on his behalf. Later then Lee Yi Kyung lied to him that he is Lee Yi Kyung’s twin brother and that Lee Yi Kyung has passed away. The aftermath of this is that he had to live in Waikiki guest house secretly.

image source: JTBC

Lee Yi Kyung then hide in the closet when Soo Bong suddenly visited him and he couldn’t go to the bathroom. Go Won Hee finally helped him and when she accidentally touch Lee Yi kyung, she blushed.

But then Go Won Hee went on a blind date in order to forget distract herself from Lee Yi Kyung. Go Won Hee who had gone to the blind date still couldn’t take Lee Yi Kyung off her mind as she finally confessed, “What am I exactly to you? Do you see me as woman? Because I see you as a man. I like you”

image source: JTBC

Will the two of them who previously drunk and kissed be a couple? Will they be lover after fighting and arguing all these times? The relationship between Jung In Sun and Kim Jeong Hyun is also worth to wait.

Meanwhile Lee Joo Woo finally catched her ex boyfriend who scammed her with the help of Son Seung Won but then she couldn’t get her money back. She returned and feeling doomed and later Son Seung Won told her, “Everyone has different standard in life. The average of people lifespan is 80 years old. The days to live is still long way to go” he said. Upon hearing that Lee Joo Woo finally gained her confident back to achieve her dream.