‘Suits’ Jang Dong Gun returned to the screen after 6 years.. A long-awaited sexy charisma

Jang Dong Gun will returned as a legendary lawyer.

KBS newest drama ‘Suits’ that is set to air on 25th of April will told a story about a legendary lawyer in Korea and the amateur lawyer with amazing memories. As a famous tv series with 7 seasons in United States, the remake of this drama made both the fans and the viewers put high expectation on its first remake.

Meanwhile Jang Dong Gun will return to the main screen after six years hiatus. He is an actor that will always success bringing the charm out of its characters and gives off the image of sexy, intense and charismatic to his characters. The expectation on this drama is also high because the appearances of Jang Dong Gun.

image source: KBS

On 5th of April, a teaser of Jang Dong Gun’s Character in ‘Suits’ was released for the first time and gained a lot of attention. The pictures showed Jang Dong Gun eagle eyes that filled with tense as he is wearing his suit.

In the picture, Jang Dong Gun looked like an lawyer in the court. He looked charming in the set of the courtroom that showed his charisma through his eyes that made the viewers couldn’t wait to see him on tv.

image source: KBS

The character of Jang Dong gun, Choi Kang Suk is a famous legendary Lawyer in Korea’s law firm that has a high possibilities of winning rate with his intelligence and his great sense of judgement. He is also a hero with charms that made people who work with him comfortable.

Jang Dong Gun returned to the screen after 6 years with his completely-worth-waiting ‘Suits’ on 2018 along with the rising star Park Hyung Sik that gained a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, KBS ‘Suits’ is the first remake of NBC Universal ‘Suits’ in the world. It will air in KBS on 25th of April after ‘Queen of Mystery 2’.