’Life’ Lee Dong Wook x Jo Seung Woo first script reading.. the birth of medical drama

The long awaited drama ‘Life’ has released pictures of its intense yet energetic first script reading.

The newerst JTBC drama entitled ‘Life’ that is set to air on July this year revealed the pictures of its first script reading.

‘Life’ is a second drama from Lee Soo Yeon that has been known through his skills and creativity in ‘Secret Forest’. In this drama, he will showed his passion and strength on his first medical drama.

Lee Dong Wook will play a role of Ye Jin Woo, a breath-taking specialist in Sangkuk University emergency center who has a confident and his own belief when it comes to his work.

image source: JTBC

Meanwhile the charismatic Jo Seung Woo will turned into Go Seung Hyo, one of the doctors who is very ambitious, cold and sly. Apparently his character is one of the major key to the plot of this drama. His tough and charismatic appereances definitely will entertained the viewers through his characters as Go Seung Hyo who is also the head of Sangkuk University Hospital.

The very talented new comer Woo Jin Ah also joined the cast as Lee No Eul, a pediatrician who treat her patients with her heart. The lively energy of her character is expected to entertain and gave the viewers a little distraction from the tension in this drama.

image source: JTBC

The actors and actresses of this drama looked completely focused on getting into their characters. Yoo Jae Myung who became the head of surgical center also showed a determination on getting into his character that will give a different atmosphere in this drama. Moon So Ri also made the viewers amazed through the confident and her acting skills that will bring the character Oh Se Hwa, the head of neurological surgery to life.

image source: JTBC

Furthermore, the still-cuts that has been released showed how the actors and actresses determined to turn themselves into the workers of Hospital.

The production team of ‘Life’ said that “The first script reading felt totally on fire. The actors and actresses showed their charm and a great level of focusing on their characters” then Lee Soo Yeon added, “The synergy between the actors and actresses are expected to make this work successful!”he said.

After ‘Life’ start its first shooting, it is set to air in JTBC on July this year.