Seo Hyun, keeps moving forward after SNSD

SNSD’s ex singer and actress Seo Hyun recently has become a hot star. After she left SM Entertainment and started her solo career, she is currently active in the entertainment industry.

In mid last year, she has been choosen as the main lead of a Korean drama and after four months, she was offered to attend the North Korea Orchestra on 1st of Febuary this year.

Seo Hyun gave off an amazing atmosphere and performances for two hours straight and has been officially acknowledged by the major MC. She was the main vocalist of SNSD and she sung a few songs in that concert that successfully amazed the North Korean’s audiences.

image source: NYLON

Seo Hyun keeps moving forward without boundaries. Eventhough now she stood by herself without any back ups from an entertainment company when it comes to selecting her schedules, she ended up spoke up about her process of selecting her schedules.

As she performed in front of the North Korea’s audiences, Seo Hyun also proved her popularity by appearing as a model of some brand’s events and photoshoots. There also a few fans who were actually worried about Seo Hyun’s career in the future especially since she made her shocking decision.

image source: NYLON

In the previous interview, Seo Hyun said that “I like adventures and challenges. I appreciated and so thankful of the support and love that I have been receiving these past few years but now I want to leave it all and started a new.”.

Seo Hyun decided to start her career from the beginning that gained a lot of attention since her 10 years of debut in SNSD.