‘Hoon Nam Jung Eum’ Nam Goong Min x Hwang Jung Eum, A Fantastic Combination…First Script Reading

SBS newest drama entitled ‘Hoon Nam Jung Eum’ has revealed the birth of fantastic combination.

‘Hoon Nam Jung Eum’ is set to air this May after ‘Switch: Change the world’ told a love story filled with romantic comedy about a man who doesn’t want to love and a woman who dreamed of true love. The two later will met and eventhough they’re on the opposite opinions, they will eventually fell in love and get into a serious affair.

On 2 April, the first script reading from ‘Hoon Nam Jung Eum’ is held in SBS Production Centre in Ilsan, Gyeongi Provinci with Nam Gung Min, Hwang Jung Eum and the production team.

image source: SBS

PD Kim Yoo Jin said that “this is my first drama and I am so glad that I can have great actor and actresses as the main lead. I will work hard to make this drama perfectly fit for the warm spring this year.”

The script reading is already gaining a lot of attention since its beginning. Nam Goong Min will play the role of Kang Hoon Nam, a man who is very charming with dazzling appereance and gentle personality but he he doesn’t believe in love and has no intention on getting into a serious romantic relationship.

image source: SBS

Hwang Jung Eum will play the role that was made exactly for her named Yoo Jung Eum. Yoo Jung Eum is a woman who dreamed of romantic relationship and wanted to find her true love in real life.

Nam goong Min and Hwang Jung Eum looked perfectly in sync and ready to create a perfect chemistry for their character. They had worked in the same drama 7 years ago entitled ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’ that make people put a high expectation on their reunion through this drama.

image source: SBS

The synergy between the actors and actresses was also perfect. Oh Yoon Ah, Choi Dal hwan, Jung Moo Sung, Shim Hye Jin, Nam Moon Ryuk, Lee Moon Sik, Jung Young Joo, Baek Ji Won, Seo Dong Won, Seo Eun Woo and also Jin Ye Sol were also spotted attending the first script reading. The synchronization of this drama is also very satisfying.

After the script reading, Nam Goong Min with a positive attitude said “I will work hard to produce a good work” he said and Hwang Jung Eum Said, “I am so happy as if I’m going to picnic. We will definitely try to work hard to give our best to viewers”.