Will Song Joong ki and Park Bo Gum return to the small screen through ‘The Chronicle of Asdal’ and ‘Boyfriend’?

Actor Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are currently preparing themselves for their next work.

The Blossom Entertainment which is the agency of the two stated that “Song Joong Ki is currently considering his role in the newest drama entitled ‘The Chronicle of Asdal’ and he is currently reviewing it positively”. The representative of woman lead Kim Ji Won and that is none other than King Kong by Starship Entertainment stated that “Kim Ji Won is currently reviewing the script of ‘The Chronicle of Asdal’ positively”.

image source: Bazaar

The production team of ‘Chronicle of Asdal’ is currently doing the casting and they had found the perfect set for the drama. The filming set was built in Osan, around Gyeonggi province. After completing the casting, the production of this drama will begin soon. The set itself is huge that the cost of its production could be enormous and this drama is also expected to be the best drama in 2019.

Following his fellow colleague, Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum is now currently considering for his next work. Park Bo Gum recently getting a lot of attentions through his works and now he is very cautious on choosing his next works. Park Bo Gum is now currently reviewing for a new drama entitled ‘Boyfriend.

image source: BCUT

‘Boyfriend’ will told a story of a woman who has everything in life and a man who doesn’t have naything. The man is not rich nor popular and he is struggle to live through the part-time jobs. Park Bo Gum was offered the role of Kim Jin Hyuk, an ordinary man who wouldn’t expect that he can become a special one. Now the two of them are currently reviewing their next works.

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