Reason why Park Bo Gum always write diary even during his hectic schedules

Park Bo gum admitted that he always spare himself a time to write a diary everyday even in the middle of his hectic schedules.

In JTBC ‘Hyori’s Hometsay 2’ that aired on 20th of May showed the highlight of the next episode that gained a lot of viewers attention.

A clip of Park Bo Gum who is currently working part time in Hyoris’s guest house was introduced and released.

Lee Hyo Ri went out with Park Bo Gum and when they’re in the car, Lee Hyo Ri asked him what activity he will always do as soon as he’s done with the whole day schedule.

image source: JTBC

Park Bo Gum who was driving answered, “I write diary everyday” he said.

Lee Hyo Ri was surprised and awe by Park Bo gum’s answer and she is curious on the content of the diary that Park Bo Gum will always write even in the middle of his busy schedules.

Park Bo Gum said that the content of his diary is his whole activity for the day and his experiences that can make him refect himself of his wrongdoings.

image source: JTBC

“When I do something wrong, some huge mistake, I will always remember it but if I do some small mistakes, I often forget” he said.

Park Bo Gum said that he doesn’t want to forget any small mistakes that he did.

Park Bo Gum is always loved by everyone because of his humble and sincere attitude and that he always do his best to correct his mistakes.

image source: JTBC

All the guest that stayed in Hyori’s guesthouse that day also recalled all the pure image of Park Bo Gum and praised him as the precious country treasure and they also wished him a good luck for his career.