New Wed-Thu drama ‘Time’ Kim Jeong Hyun x Seo Hyun, A collab of the latest uprising actors

MBC newest drama entitled ‘Time’ that is scheduled to release after ‘Come and Hug Me’ comes to end will tell a very unique story where time became the most important thing to change people’s life.

This drama is expected to capture the viewers heart through the synergy between the writer Choi Ho Chul who is known for his drama ‘Secret Love’ and ‘Mask’ and PD Jang Joon Hoo who is known for his skill in directing ‘Bad Thief Good Thief’ and ‘Hotel King’.

Its first script reading took place in MBC Conference Room in Ilsan on 28th of April and was attended by the actors and also the production team.

image source: MBC

First, Kim Jeong Hyun will play the role of Chun Soo Ho, A CEO of a restaurant and a son of a family who own the big company named W. Chun Soo Ho will struggle to turn back time to save someone’s life and to make up his own mistake that has ruined a woman’s life.

image source: MBC

Seo Hyun reunited with PD Jang Joon Ho again for the first time since ‘Bad Thief Good Thief’ and her character in this drama is very bright and positive. But then a drastic change happened after her sibling’s sudden death. She is expected to touch the viewers heart through her excellent acting on expressing her happiness and sadness.