“Even French fell in love” Jung Hae In Looking confident with ‘Unique visual’ in Paris Fashion Show

Jung Hae In, the nowadays hot-actor showing his dazzling visual and looking all exclusive recently.

Jung Hae In attended the fashion event of Dior Homme 19 SS Collection in Paris, France in 23rd of June.

Jung Hae In was officially invited to the event and he looked dazzling as he got a long with the other international stars and also showing off his unique visual through his outfit.

image source: W Magazine

Jung Hae In gives off a sensitive atmosphere as he puts on the charming black suit along with the satin-made tie that matched his appearance.

image source: W Magazine

Furthermore, this event became more popular as it puts the first collection of designer Kim Jones, who is none other than the new art director of Dior Homme.

image source: W Magazine

Pictures and shots of Jung Hae In’s unique visual in Dior Homme event can be seen in the August issue of W magazine