Park Bo Young x Kim Young Kwang ‘Your Wedding’… A romantic Movie in the upcoming summer

Movie ‘Your Wedding’ that will be played by Park Bo young and Kim Young Kwang has confirmed its realease date in August this year.

image source: FilmK

‘Your Wedding’ is a movie that told a story of a woman named Seung Hee who believed that everything happen because of the fate and then later she met Woo Yeon for the first time when they were still in high school. Woo Yeon likes her but he never knew that the feelings are mutual. Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang will be the main lead in this movie.

A still-cut that showed off the chemistry between Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang who were smiling happily made the viewers couldn’t help but wait with a lot of excitement.

image source: Megabox

The release date of the movie ‘Your Wedding’ has been announced and that is in August, a few cinemas are now preparing for the selling of their tickets for this summer. The viewers now couldn’t wait for the romantic movie ‘Your Wedding’ that surely will entertain thim this summer.