‘Mountain Byun’ Kim Go Eun “Gained 8 kilograms, I wanted it to be seen as natural daily life, not just an act”

Actress Kim Go Eun appeared in the pictorial of Korean magazine Esquire for the July issue. Kim Go Eun played the role of Sunmi in movie ‘Mountain Byun’ that will be release in 4th of July and this movie is her first appearance to public after two years of absence.

image source: Esquire

In the pictorial with the concept of natural beauty in daily routinely, Kim Go Eun didn’t wear any make up or even styled her hair in order to look natural.

image source: Esquire

Sunmi, the character that was played by Kim Go Eun in movie ‘Mountain Byun’ is a normal woman unlike any of the other characters. She commented, “I was so worried about my acting. I thought so hard on how to make the Character Sunmi natural such as how does the Ordinary Sunmi would act in her daily routinely? So I think the weight I recently gained at least helped me visually” she said.

image source: Esquire

Kim Go Eun tried to live up the character of Ordinary but three dimensional Sunmi by gaining her weight up to 8 kilograms. Even though the process of her effort is quiet unseen, it is expected that the viewers would definitely recognize the effort and accept her character with a satisfied heart. “When I play some character, I often think hard on how to live up this character. Even though the viewers might not know it but I guess it’s enough if the viewers can feel comfortable with the character and cheer up on her” she said.

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