‘Are You Human Too’ 4 episodes will air consecutively, Will the robot Seo Kang Joon will be caught?

KBS Drama ‘Are You Human Too’ will air its four consecutive episodes starting from the 13 to 16th episodes in 3rd of July.

At the same time, in ‘Are You Human Too’ the intelligent robot Seo Kang Joon who pretend to be the human Nam Shin is currently facing a new threat and that is none other than Nam Shin Fiancée Seo Ye Na who was holding Nam Shin III’s hands. The expectation and the curiosity of the viewers couldn’t be expected from the scenes.

image source: KBS

Robowatch looks like a normal watch in the eyes of normal people but in fact it is one of the component that made Nam Shin III alive and act like a human. Previously in the still-cut, Kang Son bong (Gong Seung Yeon) who is the bodyguard of Nam Shin III were seen to replace the robowatch and gives a slight glimpse of the growing trust in between the two of thism. This happened because somehow Nam Shin forgot his spare robowatch battery.

image source: KBS

But when she was about to replace it, Ye Na appeared out of the blue and made the situation between the three of them felt intense. Ye Na who got jealous and believed that she is the fiancée of Nam Shin later than looking at the wrist of Nam Shin where the robowatch was supposed to be placed. Will Ye Na find out the secret of Nam Shin III? How will she react if she found out the truth?

The production team of this drama stated, “the total of four episodes starting from the 13 to 16th episodes will air in 3rd of July. As we can see in the still-cuts, the story of Nam sHin III, So Bong and Ye Na will be unfold” they said as they added, “For a mean time, I hope everyone can see the beautiful moment of a human woman who tried so hard to protect the secret of Nam Shin III, the robot itself”.

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