The end of ‘Lawless Lawyer’ Lee Joon Gi ♥ Seo Ye Ji Happy ending →The start of Season 2

Lee Joon Gi, the lawless lawyer and Seo Ye Ji finally getting their final happy ending and getting his revenge for the death of his mother paid. At the end, they decided to return to Seoul, the lawless city in the last episode that made the viewers expecting for the production of its second season.

In the last episode of tvN drama ‘Lawless lawyer’ that aired last week revealed Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) and Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) who successfully punished the judge Cha Mun Sook.

image source: tvN

Ahn Oh Joo who was almost got killed by Cha Moon Suk’s man successfully survived by the help of Bong Sang Pil. After that he revealed his reason to build the gold city as he watches Seok Gwang Dong got killed.

image source: tvN

In the end, all the evildoings of Cha Moon Suk was revealed in the courtroom. Bong Sang Pil successfully paid got his revenge with full of satisfaction. Ahn Oh Joo also failed in his attempt to die on Bong Sang Pil’s hand as he decided to kill himself by shooting himself with his own gun.

image source: tvN

Later, the scene showed the conversation between Chun Sung Bum, Bong Sang Pil and Ha jae Yi meanwhile Cha Moon Sook is getting her life sentence in the jail. Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi won both of their revenge and love as they left for Seoul together.

image source: tvN

According to the production team of this drama, since its broadcast, the viewers has requesting the sequel of this drama through its second season. Their story in the drama ended with Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji announcing that this is just their beginning that made the viewers couldn’t helpt but to expect the second season.

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