Shin Min Ah returning to the main screen after four years through the diving athlete role in ‘Diva’

According to one of the media on 4th of July, the movie ‘Diva’ that will be played by Shin Min Ah will begin its filming process soon.

She returned to the main screen after four years of absence since the movie ‘My Love, My Bride’ in 2014.

‘Diva’ is a mystery themed movie that told a story of a diving athlete named Lee Young (Shin Min Ah) who knows the truth about some important conspiracy then went through a memory loss after an accident.

image source: Cosmopolitan

Shin Min Ah will play the role of Lee Young, the best diving athlete in Korea. her close friend named Soo Jin will be played by Lee Yoo Young and Lee Kyu Hyung who has bene known for his role in ‘Secret Forest’ and ‘Prison Life’ will play the role of the diving coach.

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