EXO ‘Power’, Beat BTS and ready to decorate the semifinal World Cup

EXO ‘power’ can be listened through the official website of World Cup 2018 in Russia for the semifinal round. This is the result of them winning over BTS ‘Fake love’ in the global vote that has been released recently.

FIFA opened a poll in 4th of July with the category ‘Which Song you want to hear in the semifinal World Cup’ through their official SNS. As a result, EXO ‘Power’, DJ Avicii ‘Hey Brother’ and also Queen ‘We Will Rock You’ has been chosen.

image source: SM Entertainment

The poll that was done in FIFA’S twitter was dominated with EXO, in Instagram it was dominated with Avicii and in Facebook it was dominated with Queen. The fierce competition between BTS ‘Fake Love’ and EXO ‘Power’ which is the two biggest K-pop stars was indeed very heated.

image source: BTS Twitter

EXO ‘Power’ has successfully lead in the twitter poll along with BTS ‘Fake Love’, J.Balvin ‘Mi Gente’ and Zedd ‘The Middle’ with the total votes in two days approximately 332,327 votes.