BTS, Variety show ‘Run BTS!’ first Broadcast in Mnet on 11th of July

BTS’s variety show entitled ‘Run BTS!’ will be aired in Mnet.

BTS will held a showcase for its popular variety show called ‘Run BTS!’ and it will be aired in Mnet in 11th of July at 6pm.

The show will be released for the first time in TV and it will air every Wednesday at 6pm for eight week in consecutives until 29th of August.

image source: Big Hit Entertainment

‘Run BTS!’ is a self-made variety show and entertainment program where the BTS member first introduced it through the Naver V App. This show will have a different segment and theme in each of its episodes.

‘Run BTS!’ that will be aired in Mnet are only the chosen and popular episodes like the MT or Manito episodes in between the other episodes.