BTS x Park Bo Gum, released the refreshing behind-cut for commercial, Excitement of playing with water

Group BTS and Park Bo Gum recently been chosen as the model for the summer campaign of Coca Cola and has done filming together for the tv commercial. They were seen enjoying their summer while drinking a cool coca cola next to the pool under the summer heat.

image source: Coca Cola Korea

In the newly released behind cuts, BTS and Park Bo Gum were seen enjoying their cold coca coca while showing each of their characteristic and personal charms under the summer heat. The crew praised Park Bo Gum and BTS that successfully keeping up the energy and atmosphere throughout the filming despite the hot weather.

image source: Coca Cola Korea

RM and V were focusing on some game on the phone but on the other side V were also seen playing and throwing ball in the refreshing pool together with Jin. Suga enjoyed his summer while listening to music through headphones and J-Hope is looking relaxed by the pool and playing along with the ball with the brand name printed on it. Jimin seemed focused as he talks to the staff who were in charge of monitoring the filming meanwhile Jong Kook was seen smiling so bright and wide as he enjoyed the cool water in the pool while using an inflatable.

image source: Coca Cola Korea

Park Bo Gum on the other hand is smiling uniquely that made the staff’s heart racing because of his charm.