Kim Woo Bin, celebrate birthday today (16 July)… Agency “He will return as if nothing happened”

Actor Kim Woo Bin (29) is celebrating his birthday today in 16th of July.

Agency of Kim Woo Bin, Sidus HQ released a special picture through their official Instagram in 16th of July to celebrate the birthday of Kim Woo Bin.

image source: Sidus HQ

In the released picture, Kim Woo Bin was seen standing in the stage while holding a microphone. There’s also words written ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ in the picture.

At the same time, the agency wrote a message “one day he’ll return as if nothing happened and will celebrate his 30th birthday with his fans”.

image source: Sidus HQ

In May last year Kim Woo Bin was reported fighting against his disease. He has stopped all of the activities and works and only focusing on his treatment for recovery.

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