‘Why Secretary Kim’… Straight love of Park Min Young, worked out well again “I’ll stay with you”

In the 13th inning of drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’ that aired yesterday, Kim Mi So (Park min Young) seemed to realize the deep of Lee Young Joon’s love to her by how he showed his determination to do the straight and passionate love with her.

After returned from the business trip, Lee Young Joon wanted nothing but to be with Kim Mi So. Lee Young Joon wanted to open his relationship with Kim Mi So to everyone but Kim Mi So decided to hide their relationship because she was worried about their status as a vice chairman and a secretary.

image source: tvN

Young Joon asked Mi So to come to his house but Kim Mi So seemed to show a sign of wanted to be alone as she rejected Young Joon. She kept pushing Lee Young Joon away. Later then Young Joon remembered the advice of his friend, Park Yoo Sik that he has to control the speed in the relationship so she will not be bored of him and he finally gave up.

Young Joon decided to let Mi So go home and rest.

image source: tvN

But when Young Joon arrived at his house after a business meeting, he saw Kim Mi So waiting for him in front of his house. She then later said “I wanted to say sorry because didn’t consider your feelings”. She then added, “I will not be home today” as she made Young Joon worried. Then Kim Mi So said, “I will be stay here. I will stay with you all night” she said. Upon hearing this Young Joon told her, “if you came to my house like this, I can’t control myself. I don’t want to stop myself tonight” he said.

image source: tvN

Eventhough Young Joon said things like that, Kim Mi So kept staring at him and they ended up showing their feelings by a passionate kiss. Young Joon who kissed her on the bed then said “I Love You” and Kim Mi So replied with “Me Too”. Once again, the courageous step that Kim Mi So took for her straight love has successfully shook Young Joon’s heart and also made the viewers excited for their first night together.