3 Korean Face Mask For Your Healthy and Fresh Skin!

1.Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask

Image Source: Innisfree

This Innisfree product is being sold well in Korea and other countries. With seven new variants, it will be the right choice for your skin care products. Each variant contains Jeju Volcanic Scoria, a lava rock, and forms after the lava cools off from the volcanic eruption. This product can absorb excess oil and will help clean the pores from dirt and dust, making your skin very clean. 7 different masks have different clay textures – water gel: thin spread and dry quickly, cream: light, for all skin types and transformable clay, which can transform when in contact with water and serves as a mask and cleanser all at once.

2.TonyMoly I’m a Real Mask Sheet

Image Source: Tony Moly

Mask from TonyMoly might be suitable for you who want to nourish the skin to the fullest. The thin sheet mask just like tissue is able to nourish, brighten, moisturize and soften our face. Consisting of 11 unique variants, such as; Lemon (brightening), tea (soothing), tomato (glowing), aloe vera (moisturizing), pomegranate (firming), red wine (pore care), seaweed (cleaning), broccoli (vitality), rice (transparent skin) avocado (nourishment), and makgeoli (purification). The price of this product is quite cheap, which is about 20rb rupiah.

3.SNP Animal Face Mask

Image Source: SNP

The mask with this adorable animal shape is perfect to use it with your best friend! Although it looks adorable and playful, this mask still works effectively because it contains coconut water that can moisturize your skin. Every animal has different uses for your face. For example, the dragon for irritated and reddish skin, tiger to take care of wrinkles, otter for dry skin, and panda for dull skin. The price of this SNP mask is around 25 thousand rupiah.