‘Why Secretary Kim’ Park Seo Joon ♥ Park Min Young, Will they end it with marriage?

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young showed off their happy ending.

In the 14th Inning of tvN drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’ that aired yesterday showed Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) proposing to Kim Mi So (Park Min Young).

image source: tvN

When the people in the company found out about the relationship between Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So, Kim Mi So got into a lot of trouble especially the company’s documents which made everyone worried. Looking at Kim Mi So who worked hard to fix the problem, Young Joon told her to have some rest and go home early.

But Kim Mi So refused and said “I will work hard for the rest of my life”.Lee Young Joon smiled at Mi So’s determination, although feeling a little bit sad he finally confessed to her, “I Will be happy if you found what you want” he said.

image source: tvN

Kim Mi So then finally realized that working as the secretary next to Lee Young Joon is all that she wanted in her life. She then finally told him, “I will not quit my work. I want to work next to you for the rest of my life, because I love you” she confessed to Lee Young Joon and the latter couldn’t help but feeling happy.

Then Kim Mi So took Lee Young Joon to her house to have ramyeon together. She then later told Lee Young Joon “I always want to eat ramyeon together with my husband after work and spend the evening together” she said. Then Lee Young Joon told her, “I will eat ramyeon together with Mi So after work, I will be the husband of Mi So, I want to marry Kim Mi So” he confessed.

image source: tvN

Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon finally got over their trauma and now they’re getting into more serious relationship. The viewers are excited with the announcement and the two last episodes are expected will be filled with romantic and sweet energy.