Lee Seung Gi · Taecyeon · Taeyang · Kang Ha Neul… Lifetime rewarded army soldiers

In South Korea, a lot of issue about the stars and the military has become a sensitive thing. A lot of problems happening regarding the enlistment of the stars has become the talk f the town but many of them are also worth to be proud of as they gain the title a ‘Man of Korea’. The fans are waiting for their return and if they actually do good on their enlistment they will able to win the hearts of public. One of these soldiers are Lee Seung Gi, Ok Taecyeon, Big Bang Taeyang and Kang Ha Neul.

Special Soldier Lee Seung Gi

image source: HIM Magazine

A lot of people has been waiting for the enlistment in their lifetime, this also what Lee Seung Gi basically went through. Lee Seung Gi joined the military in February 2017 and he finished off his military duty in October 2017, he is the best soldier and the model student in the military camp so he got himself rewarded a golden ticket while doing his duty in the special forces military division. Because of this, he received a lot of support and love even after he finished his military duties.

Ok Taecyeon, a loyal soldier

image source: Wooyoung Instagram

2PM Ok Taecyeon gave up his U.S green card and went through the operation and the verification test for his health in order to join the military. He was once injured his arm in 2013 but that didn’t ruin his wish to join the military as he went through the surgery. Finally he joined the military in September last year and is currently doing his military duties with a perfect health.

Taeyang, enlistment after got married

image source: YG Entertainment

It’s unfortunate for Min Hyo Rin because Taeyang, the man who just married her enlisted to the military a few days after their wedding. He started his military duty in last march and quietly enlisting without any controversy. In the daily picture of him that were released through his colleague, Taeyang seems to get along very well and in harmony with the other soldiers. The fans are expecting and waiting for him to finish his military duty as soon as possible so he can return to Min Hyo Rin’s arms.

Kang Ha Neul

image source: Republic of Korea Army

Kang Ha Neul is indeed a very interesting person with a charm and he actually serving in military just like a movie. After four weeks of basic military training in September last year, now he is currently doing his duty as the crew of special military police forces and in charge of the capital defense command. His future as an actor after finishing his duty to defend his nation with full of spirit is expected to be awaited by the viewers.